Investing in an industrial blockchain project

Many people are looking towards alternative means of investments. Banks no longer provide an acceptable interest rate. Shares are volatile as businesses go bankrupt or are lost due to a merger driven by profit-driven hedge funds. That is where projects developing industrial solutions based on blockchain are offering new opportunities.

So what options are there for an investor?

You can either buy a share in that venture or provide a loan to these startups. Nevertheless, you need to be aware that starts are young businesses that could default. Any startup in any niche often needs a time to create a product and get it sold in the required quantities to make it a sustainable venture.

Hence, these investments are only good for those entrepreneurs who are willing to accept the worst outcome of loosing their entire investment while having the chance of getting a far higher ROI.

Consumers can not invest in this type of ventures.

Building your wealth

You can invest into different startups through our service. We have made it so easy for you that you just need to select the investment venture and the investment size.

Building your wealth

When you want more of a wealth management strategy then you need to consider other opportunities than just buying coins. This is where many people decide to go for crypto currency mining. There are different types of ways to do this:


The hard way to mine

The hardest is to try to build the systems. Find out how to configure them and how to protect the systems against theft.If one system gets damaged then you have to try to fix the fault yourself. You can’t go for help into any computer store, as these systems are niche technology.

The easy way to mine your wealth

The most comfortable and relaxed way is to book processing capacity. You don’t have to care about getting the right hardware, no trouble with faulty equipment; maintenance is included and good firewalls are protecting the mining farm infrastructure.

You can start with a small investment and grow it gradually as you desire to top up your mining speed. As you are not actually purchasing hardware, you do not even need to depreciate it if you are mining for your own company profits.

Example: if you buy with 1.000 EUR a share of the mining capacity of a 10.000 EUR system, then you are going to get approximately 10% of its mining capacity. So that the systems are self sufficient, they mine about 15% of their capacity for their own operational costs (e.g. electricity, server room space, air conditioning, maintenance and other general costs of the facility).

How long will the mining continue?

The mining operations will continue as long as they are profitable and the systems are able to pay for their own operational costs. Should the mining of the predefined crypto currency become problematic then it might require switching the currency. This will be taken care of for you.

Can the operators of crypto currencies run away?

A crypto currency is a digital asset that is stored in a multitude of cloud computers that know there a particular coin is. The operators of the infrastructure can’t unlock a wallet in order to remove the stored coins. The mining hardware and the operators of the currency systems do not know your passwords.

Can one take money out of my wallet without my permission?

No one can take money out unless you share your passphrase and your transaction password. Therefore you should keep these important details safely stored away.

What can I do with the mined coins once they are in my wallet?

You can use them to purchase services, goods or trade them in for other currencies. You can travel the world and pay with the coins at places that accept it. You can also keep them to provide your mining systems with additional power.