What is this mining investment opportunity?

This mining allows you to buy digital processing capacity without having to deal with hardware, maintenance or having to figure out how the software works.

What is crypto currency mining?

In the world of crypto currencies it is similar to the manufacturing of gold coins. You first acquire the raw material. Then let your hardware process it and extract coins that cannot be duplicated to defraud innocent people.

Digital currencies consist of a complex set of calculations and results that represent a digital serial number for a crypto coin. The raw material is called the block. The blockchain is literally the chain of computed calculation results that ensure that trough the distributed knowledge of the currency network the coin can never appear twice.

How do I register as new client?

You can register online for timeshare plans. This process is simple. As soon as we receive your payment, we will setup your capacity and send your details on how to access your crypto currency wallet.

How can I make my investment payment?

You can make your payments via credit card, bank transfer or debit card. You can also make digital payments using Bitcoin or services like PayPal or Payeer. Exclusive club members gain access to our additional methods of confidential payment.

Is the digital mining farm a professional service?

Our Management and technical staff have the experience of running large data centres for global players in different countries. Furthermore, we have our own development and security experts building answers to today’s threats.

Will my investment be safe from virtual thieves?

If you follow our recommendations and take action by acquiring the technology our consultant’s advice, then you will mitigate the risk of fraud and theft. Protecting your wealth is not difficult if you know what to watch out for.

What is LifeTime Wealth Mining?

You acquire through your investment a calculation processing power. As the market changes the value of coins will follow the demand created by the general public. If you purchase a LifeTime Plan you get access to a processing capacity for a given time as long as the processing output can cover part of the operational cost of the systems, which are financed through your investments and reinvestments.

How do I become an exclusive member?

Investments above 250.000 USD require registration through our “gatekeepers”. These are our personal wealth coaches who guide you through to our exclusive club. You need a sponsor to recommend you as an exclusive member. This sponsor will bring forward your membership application to our Gatekeepers. Depending on your level of investment you will gain status points that give you access to the limited offers of our closed doors society.

Who are the gatekeepers of the exclusive club?

These are members of the strategic board. Only the members of the board can elect a new gatekeeper. The number of the gatekeepers is limited to a few individuals. They ensure that the exclusive club remains a private zone for successful people in business and wealth creation who want to be part of an exclusive and positive family. We put our club member first and therefore #TogetherWeAreFamily

Can I increase my investments during the period of the agreement?

Yes, you can top up your investment and gain more speed or spread your processing capacity across other farming locations we operate around the world.

Can I reduce my investment and get my initial payment returned in cash?

When you invest in our service your payment goes directly into the costs of setting up equipment and maintaining it. Hence, the investment becomes part of systems that are also financed by other investors. We do not refund your investment after the systems have started running.

What happens if the mining becomes unprofitable?

Should the market change so severely that the venture of processing digital blocks to create coins becomes unprofitable, then the mining will be discontinued. Nevertheless, in order to mitigate risks, the farms can be switched to other coins. Should the processing be given up entirely, investors have no right to the delivery of the equipment in our data centers.

Do I purchase hardware through my investment in the farm?

No, you do not buy a specific hardware via your investment. You are not guaranteed to get a certain type of hardware, a particular brand or configuration. You only purchase the right to processing capacity. You are not buying any physical goods.

Where do I get my digital wallet?

You can download from the google play store or apple Appstore.

How long will the mining continue?

The mining operations will continue as long as they are profitable and the systems are able to pay for their own operational costs. Should the mining of the predefined crypto currency become problematic then it might require switching the currency. This will be taken care of for you.

Can the operators of crypto currencies run away?

A crypto currency is a digital asset that is stored in a multitude of cloud computers that know there a particular coin is. The operators of the infrastructure can’t unlock a wallet in order to remove the stored coins. The mining hardware and the operators of the currency systems do not know your passwords.

Can one take money out of my wallet without my permission?

No one can take money out unless you share your passphrase and your transaction password. Therefore you should keep these important details safely stored away.

What can I do with the mined coins once they are in my wallet?

You can use them to purchase services, goods or trade them in for other currencies. You can travel the world and pay with the coins at places that accept it. You can also keep them to provide your mining systems with additional power.